Nathan Granner

Operatic Tenor

Nathan Granner is recognized throughout the world as a generative, solo and collaborative artist. His voice fits that rare timbre of heroic, vulnerable, refined quality that defines the classic lyric tenor. More than that, his buoyant yet elegant personality shines from the stage.

As a producing artist, Granner is co-founder of new operatic tenor duo Gulley Granner, which is just beginning to tour nationally. He was the first artistic director of Musical Theater Heritage. He artistic directed the first national PBS taping at The Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts which led him to co-found the unique production company, The Monocle. The Monocle has so far produced The Orphan's Feast (with Nathan as co-writer) and most recently created the Nelson-Atkins French Impressionist Exhibition quarter mile opening party installation.

The further exploration of his voice and the elements of vocal music has taken Nathan from creating Pop adventures with composer Jeffrey Rukaman, to singing Classical Repertoire, authentic Tango, Flamenco and classic Turkish styles with Beau Bledsoe, Jazz and new compositions of Brad Cox and others and has even led him further to study Kargyraa style (Throat or Overtone singing) with a Tibetan Monk. For some, this may seem a bit exotic, but for the contemporary artist, one must travel a thousand miles to take one step.

What makes Kansas City a great place for creativity and innovation?
KC is a hub of innovation not only on the entrepreneurial front, but also in my favorite field, art. The city is rife with incredible collaboration within all disciplines of art. It is so fresh. I like to think of KC as the perfect think-tank/test kitchen for me. I can create productions here and then push them out to the coasts and internationally.

When and where are you happiest?
I have a secret spot at Shawnee Mission Park around where I grew up.

What is your favorite place in Kansas City?
My favorite place in KC is either the Nelson, The Kemper or backstage at The Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts.

Where's your favorite place outside of Kansas City?
My favorite place in the world is anywhere warm and tropical with a pineapple drink after having cruised through some type of ruins.

What's your most treasured personal possession?
My most treasured personal possession is my guitar.

Who's your favorite fictional hero?
My favorite fictional hero is Christopher Reeve's Superman.

Who do you most admire in real-life?
I most admire the women in my family, my mom and my wife in particular. They are such strong, successful women who, through adversity, made success and garnered wide-ranging respect in their fields.




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