Contact Centers

Kansas City affords some of the key attributes that attract contact centers to the KC region--basic, fundamental factors that reflect a way of life and are not susceptible to change.
  • The central time zone makes it easier to staff call centers to meet the needs of both East and West Coast callers.
  • The vaunted Midwestern work ethic lets companies expect and get higher productivity.
  • A well-educated population provides an easily trainable labor pool.
  • Low-cost commercial and residential real estate attracts call center facilities as well as workers.
  • The accent-free Midwest speech is a plus for companies that want their customer service representatives to be understood.
  • The Association of Customer Contact Professionals is an active business-to-business networking group.
  • The area community colleges offer excellent flexible training programs.

The existing presence of contact centers in the KC region is yet another asset leading to our recruitment successes.​

For more information contact:

Jill-BusDevContactJILL McCARTHY
Senior Executive | Corporate Attraction



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