• Select Industry News | April 2016

    by Angela Kennedy | Nov 04, 2021
    Latest news on transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution (KC SmartPort), bioscience (KC Animal Health Corridor), talent recruitment (TeamKC: Life + Talent) and technology.
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  • Torch.AI Expansion Announcement Makes National Headlines

    by Laura Patriquin | Jul 06, 2021
    Leading global artificial intelligence (AI) firm, Torch.AI, recently announced its growth of operations in the KC region. The expansion, which will create nearly 500 new jobs, made headlines both locally and nationally. Take a look at the media coverage.
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  • Torch.AI Announces Cybersecurity Operations in KC

    by Angela Kennedy | May 07, 2021
    Congratulations to our partners in Leawood on the announcement that Torch.AI will create nearly 500 new jobs as it expands its operations. See why they choose to grow in KC.
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