• MyKC Summer Intern Program Offers Solution to Global Race for Talent

    by Jessica Palm | May 03, 2019
    Today, companies are leveraging internship programs as a way to pipeline young professional talent. But for most Gen Zer’s (individuals born 1995-2010) the position itself is only one part of their expectations of a “quality job.” These young professionals seek companies that help them define their personal purpose and passions.
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  • 2019 TeamKC Training Camp Speaker Lineup

    by Jessica Palm | Feb 08, 2019
    The 2019 TeamKC Training Camp hosted a powerhouse lineup of speakers who offered key plays to take our region’s talent attraction and retention strategies to the next level.
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  • Made in KC Honored with 2019 TeamKC MVP Award

    by Lexi Ryan | Feb 08, 2019
    TeamKC's MVP Award is peer-nominated, and recognizes one organization that has provided significant impact on or contribution to the Kansas City region’s status as a top destination for talent.
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