Marketing KC

  • Behind the Scenes of KCADC | Jill McCarthy

    by Lexi Ryan | Feb 02, 2021
    Recently Jill McCarthy, senior vice president of corporate attraction at KCADC, joined Steve Tutt, director of business development and marketing at HL Restoration, on the HL Restoration Impacting Midwest Industries vlog series, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the KC region’s new business and talent attraction efforts.
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  • Grill Nation Show | KCADC Year in Review

    by Lexi Ryan | Dec 22, 2020
    Recently, members of the KCADC team and volunteer leadership joined Jason Grill on the Grill Nation Show to share a year-in-review for the region.
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  • Pretzels, Inc. Announcement Hits the Headlines

    by Lexi Ryan | Dec 15, 2020
    Pretzels, Inc. recently announced it would open a 150,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art production facility inside of VenturePark in Lawrence, Kansas. Take a look at the media coverage.
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