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KCADC launches regional brainstorm on KC’s image

by Lexi Ryan | Nov 08, 2018

It has been 15 years since KCADC unveiled the ThinkKC/OneKC brand for the KC region – impacting hundreds of regional business and community organizations, unprecedented national buzz and contributing to the attraction of nearly 35,000 new jobs. A renewed sense of collaboration and partnership through efforts like KC Rising, A Better KCI campaign, the Amazon HQ2 process and many more regional initiatives, has set the stage for an even stronger shared effort to create a renewed global image for KC.

National development trends are just beginning to reveal a “livability crisis” that is pushing population growth, innovation and corporate location into the center of the U.S. The KC region has a huge opportunity to capitalize on this trend and become the destination for the next wave of U.S. growth. Now is the time to take a hard look at KC’s reputation, image and personality in the hearts and minds of the rest of the world. A place brand is, at its core, a reflection of its people, businesses and neighborhoods. KCADC is the regional organization responsible for establishing and promoting the place brand for the KC region, and is uniquely designed to lead this process. We must start by listening.

Through broad outreach to members of the KC area’s business and civic community, educators, students and other regional influencers, we are conducting a “listening tour” to collect input around the KC region’s top business and lifestyle benefits. We are convening a diverse audience that crosses geographic, ethnic, socioeconomic and generational boundaries. The KCADC team is also exploring other markets that have well-established global brands to understand the characteristics and best practices that can be applied to our region’s effort.

Over the next six months, KCADC will convene the region in a number of ways – large groups, small groups, one-on-one meetings, social media engagement, digital media and traditional earned media. We will collect input on the things our region loves and values as residents, professionals, civic leaders and politicians – and the promise our region offers to future generations.

At the end of the listening tour, we will analyze all of the input and ideas, and compile an executive summary to share. There will be a six month brand development phase that will allow the KCADC team to hunker down, analyze what we’ve heard, and imagine what a new regional brand should be. In November 2019, we will unveil and begin to implement a new global brand platform which will elevate the KC region as a global destination for business, lifestyle and career and will be shared by all.

To schedule a listening session, email Darcy Groce.

To submit an idea online, visit our input form.

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