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Reeling in Jobs for Kansas City

by Ashlie Hand | Sep 26, 2014

Building our regional economy is at the heart of what we do at KCADC. Our team dedicates their time to attracting new companies and jobs to the Kansas City area, helping our economy flourish and succeed.

Over the years, we’ve guided and played a part in multiple wins for our region, breaking records and driving success.

We are currently on pace to claim our best job-attraction year ever. Our current total of 2,198 jobs tallies to $101.4 million in payroll. To date, our record-breaking year was 2009, in which we helped land 3,415 jobs for the region.

In a recent article, KCADC President and CEO Bob Marcusse shared three contributing factors to our chart-topping year:
    National and international economies are coming back strong
    The Kansas City region continues to get better and more attractive
    KCADC continues to work hard and serve as an active advocate for the region

The 2014 KCADC Annual Meeting will focus on how the KC region has gone “beyond” this year, surpassing expectations and achieving unprecedented success. Register for the event here.

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