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TECNA signs partnerships with Professional Services Council

by Kaitlin Motley | Dec 04, 2015
The Professional Services Council (PSC) and the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) recently announced an MOU that will focus on new business relationships, public-private partnerships, policy coordination and innovation in the government technology and services sector. PSC is the nation’s largest and most influential organization representing federal government technology and professional services contractors. TECNA represents more than 52 state and regional technology associations across the nation and Canada, which in turn represent approximately 22,500 technology-related firms.

“The federal marketplace is a unique and challenging space,” said Skip Newberry, president of the Technology Association of Oregon and Chairman of TECNA. “As more of our members explore the potential of doing federal business, I can think of no better positioned partner to help us and them understand that market than PSC.  Moreover, I believe we can have a collective impact on the market, and thus the government, that is far greater than we can on our own.”

KCnext is a member of TECNA. For more information on the partnership, click here.

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