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We're taking Chute to Techweek New York!

by Kaitlin Motley | Oct 09, 2015
The KCnext team is taking Chute on the road to Techweek New York Oct. 12-18 to launch the platform to tech job-seekers across the nation.

Similar to Techweek KC, we'll have a presence at the Techweek Hiring Fair, where we'll showcase Kansas City's tech industry and lifestyle assets to thousands of job-seekers from New York City and beyond.

The 40+ companies already posting on Chute tell a compelling story: Kansas City is a tech hub in the Midwest with a diverse portfolio of companies. And the more than 150 jobs already posted tell a story, too: We're still growing.

You've probably heard us say it before, but right now is Kansas City's "golden moment." Never before have we had the high-caliber cultural and lifestyle assets we do in this city, and our tech industry has never been stronger. We're excited to share that story with tech professionals from outside this region.

Follow along with our Techweek New York experience at @ChuteKC and #TechweekNYC. Learn more about Techweek New York here.

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