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Logistics vs. Supply Chain

by Morgan Bell | Jan 05, 2016

Logistics is defined as the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves many people, while supply chain is defined as the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity. Inbound Logistics asked its readers to weigh in and provide feedback on the difference between logistics and supply chain. Select responses included:

"Logistics is the connection from one node or point to another; supply chain is a series of sequential nodes or points connected to one another. Logistics supply chain focuses on finished product and/or customers."

"Supply chain comprises all aspects of a product cycle from origin to end user, for example from farm to fork. Logistics relates to one component of supply chain, addressing efficient product movement, such as from manufacturer to retail store." 

"Logistics is just one component of a supply chain. Logistics has to do with the coordination and movement of goods. Supply chain involves multiple facets such as operations and procurement that keep a company running smoothly." 

“Supply chain is the football coach, and logistics is the quarterback. They both provide direction regarding how field assets must be situated and positioned. But the coach provides the overall game plan, and the QB executes the moves, adapting on the fly as needed.“

"Logistics is about how and when you move your material. Supply chain is how you turn a grain into a drink, including all processes, internal and external, to realize your drink."

Defining the logistics and supply chain industries is important in the effort to reach out to area schools to educate students and create awareness of career opportunities in the industry. KC SmartPort is dedicated to ensuring a skilled and attractive future labor force to meet the needs of area employers.

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