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Animal health industry comradery highlighted by football rivalry

by Animal Health2 | Feb 07, 2022

The 2022 Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills divisional game captured the country’s attention, before, during and after the event itself took place. Before the game, Animal Health Corridor (headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri) made a bet with the Med Dimensions team (located in Rochester, New York) regarding the outcome of the game. The stakes: fans of the losing team must wear the gear of the winner the day after the game. In an absolute nail biter, the Chiefs were victorious. And Med Dimensions held up their side of the bargain by donning Chiefs’ attire the next day. 

(Click below to watch the video)

Chiefs_vs_Bills twitter

In a different gesture of good will, Chiefs’ fans donated nearly $500,000 to the Buffalo children’s hospital following the game in a sign of support for their rival.

These two good-hearted sporting outcomes remind us of marked parallels to the animal health industry. Like the teams in the NFL, each animal health organization wants to be the best. In our world, that could mean produce the superior product or obtain the highest sales. But, similar to football, we support the other players in our league. That’s because our ultimate goal as an industry is to improve the lives of animals through innovation. And when any “player” accomplishes this, we all celebrate. Because a win for them is a win for the industry, which is a win for us all. 

Here at the Animal Health Corridor, we are grateful to bridge our diverse and international field of players within a single community. When united for the global good of the industry, we bring awareness to our mission, advance our workforce, spearhead public policy and develop our future industry leaders. Together as a team, we create a stronger industry and build a brighter future for us all. 

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