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LPKC has significant economic impact on the state of Kansas

by Mary Rooney | Jan 13, 2022

A recent study from Wichita State University evaluated the economic impact of Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) in Edgerton, Kansas on the State of Kansas. 

The study showed that in 2020, LPKC provided:

  • 4,735 jobs
  • $1.14 billion in total output
  • $300 million of labor income
  • $61.5 million in tax revenue

The study furthered evaluated the impact LPKC had on other businesses within a three-county area within Kansas. This regional logistics cluster in northeast Kansas generated:

  • 39,779 jobs
  • $2 billion of labor income
  • $6 billion in total output
  • $221 million in tax revenue
  • 3.4% of overall Kansas economic activity
Read the full study here.


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