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Recruiter Roundtable Recap | March 2022

by Logan Derosia | Mar 11, 2022

According to Deloitte, recruiting can sometimes feel like dating -- often finding yourself facing rejection in hopes of finding a perfect match. 

One dating phenomenon, ghosting, happens when candidates stop responding to texts, calls and direct messages on social media. Another dating phenomenon, benching, happens when someone is not actually interested in the position but will stay in contact to keep their options open.

At our March Roundtable, hosted by McCownGordon, attendees shared their best “dating” tips to help our TeamKC network of recruiters in pursuit of their perfect matches. Here are the highlights: 

Have Transparent Conversations
Recruiters stressed the importance of both parties having honest and open conversation during the interview process. Asking direct questions about where a candidate is at in the recruiting process to gauge their level of interest or asking about their values to ensure they are the right fit within company culture. 

Salary transparency is not going anywhere. It’s important to be up front about the salary range of a position to make sure you and the candidate are on the same page from the start.

PTO is the second currency. A smart way to stay competitive is to recognize employees need time to refresh in order to stay motivated and productive at work. Some companies are investing in their employees by adding flex PTO schedules or giving new hires a paid week or two off before starting. 

Bring in a Matchmaker
When you’re feeling in over your head, you may need to bring in a matchmaker and ask for help. 

Ways that recruiters are doing this right now include using contracted help, pulling hiring managers into the process, finding external tools to help automate tasks, and hiring specialized individuals to tackle specific jobs such as sourcing and scheduling. 

And remember, dating recruiting is tough but the right candidate may come along when you least expect it. 😉 

Connect with TeamKC to learn more about tools and programs accessible to our members by reaching out to Angela Kennedy.

Special thank you to TeamKC Co-Chair and Vice President, Human Resources at McCownGordon, Brandi Riggs, for hosting this month’s TeamKC Roundtable!

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