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Strengthening American Manufacturing

by Mary Rooney | May 09, 2023

WorkForge focuses holistically on the four most pervasive challenges facing manufacturing:

  • Employee Onboarding & Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Time-to-Productivity
  • Employee Retention

WorkForge solutions include:

  • Career Pathways | By integrating job-specific content focused on technical skills, regulatory and compliance requirements, quality and continuous improvement essentials, durable skills, and leadership skills, WorkForge has organized content into guided pathways to quickly move employees from entry to advanced levels in less time.

  • Visual Work Instruction | Using an organization’s people, processes and equipment, WorkForge creates modules for specific jobs, tasks or machines. This solution ensures the retention of institutional knowledge of the exact operation.

  • Technology & Enablement | User and mobile friendly platform offering a centralized location where learners engage with their assigned content. This intuitive solution also identifies training gaps on a team through robust data analytics while analyzing opportunities to better operate each day.

  • New Supervisor & Leadership | This unique and configurable approach of eLearning modules and in-person sessions gives new and tenured supervisors the tools they need to effectively manage.

WorkForge has helped its client-partners realize up to 62.5% improvement in employee time-to-productivity and a per-hire reduction of $3,000 in training costs. Click here to view the case study.

To learn more about WorkForge, visit workforge.com or contact Chris Clark, Director of Marketing.

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