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The America's Creative Crossroads campaign acts as a narrative for KC, telling our region's story through the bold images, words and lives of some of our most inventive, prolific and influential personalities - reflecting the passion and energy of KC's creative spirit.

The portraits can also be seen in throughout the region as a part of our traveling gallery. The gallery has appeared at The Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Filter Gallery, The Box Gallery and Skyline Salon. KCADC investors also have the opportunity to showcase parts of the gallery in their offices or for other events throughout the year.

To learn more about the gallery contact Jauqui Craig.

America's Creative Crossroads portraits by Cameron Gee


  • Large_Madisen_Ward_Mama_Bear

    Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

    Folk Duo

    Madisen and Ruth Ward began as a mother-and-son folk duo in 2009. The Wards... Learn more

  • Tyler Enders_Lg

    Tyler Enders

    Entrepreneur, Made in KC

    Tyler Enders is a KC native with a background in finance and a passion for... Learn more

  • Caitlin Corcoran_Lg

    Caitlin Corcoran

    Managing Partner of Ça Va

    Caitlin Corcoran is a Kansas City native who started as a competitive barista and coffee... Learn more

  • Billy Brimblecom Jr

    Billy Brimblecom Jr.

    Executive Director, Steps of Faith Foundation

    Billy Brimblecom Jr. lost his left leg to Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2005. Still... Learn more

  • Bo Large Image

    Bo Nelson

    Owner, Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

    Bo Nelson grew up working on a farm and helping to manage his family’s business... Learn more

  • Shanita Large Image

    Shanita McAfee-Bryant

    Executive Chef

    Shanita McAfee-Bryant is an executive chef with a knack for southern and modern style cooking... Learn more

  • Julia Large Image

    Julia Haile

    Jazz Singer

    Julia Haile is a soulful voice with quiet charisma. She likes to keep a... Learn more

  • Salvador_Perez_LG

    Salvador Perez

    KC Royals, 2015 World Series Champion

    Salvador "Salvy" Perez is the fan-favorite catcher for the Kansas City Royals. Known for... Learn more

  • MB(168x210)

    Matt Besler

    Sporting KC Athlete

    Sporting Kansas City's 2014 and 2016 captain, Matt Besler is an Overland Park,... Learn more

  • GZ(168x210)

    Graham Zusi

    Sporting KC Athlete

    Graham Zusi is one of Sporting Kansas City's most recognized players, who played for... Learn more

  • Katy_Guillen_LG

    Katy Guillen & The Girls

    Blues Rock Band

    Katy Guillen and The Girls is established as an authentic, authoritative rock band.... Learn more

  • Leroy-Shatto-Profile

    Leroy Shatto

    Owner, Shatto Milk Company

    Shatto Milk Company's farm has been in operation since the late 1800's when Minnie and... Learn more

  • IsabellaEmmack_LG-min

    Isabella Emmack

    International Model

    Isabella was discovered during her freshman year of high school at a basketball game.... Learn more

  • FitBark_lg-min

    Sara & Davide Rossi

    Co-Founders of FitBark

    Siblings and co-founders Sara and Davide Rossi started FitBark to lead the charge in changing... Learn more

  • DeJuanBonds-min

    DeJuan Bonds

    Owner, Purple Label Luxury Barber Shop

    DeJuan graduated from Ea La Mars Barber College in 1995. In 2010, he... Learn more

  • Maiko_lg-min

    Maiko Kuzunishi

    Owner, Decoylab

    Maiko is a mompreneur, balancing the role of mom and the role of owning... Learn more

  • Shena_lg-min

    Shena Wolf

    Director, Comics and Acquisitions, Andrews McMeel Universal

    Shena was born in Michigan, but has lived many places across the U.S... Learn more

  • Whitney_lg-min

    Whitney Manney

    Fashion Designer

    Whitney Manney graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 with a BFA in... Learn more

  • Ron_LeMay_LG

    Ron LeMay

    Managing Director and Co-Founder, Open Air Equity Partners

    Ron LeMay serves as Managing Director and co-founder of OpenAir Equity Partners. OpenAir Equity... Learn more

  • Mica-Thomas_LG

    Mica Thomas

    Partner & Executive Producer, Quixotic

    Mica Thomas has been a Partner and Executive Producer at Quixotic since 2006. At... Learn more

  • Esther_Honig_LG

    Esther Honig

    Radio Journalist

    Esther was born in San Francisco, but is proud to now call the Midwest... Learn more

  • Radkey_LG


    Punk/Garage Rock Band

    Radkey is a punk band from St. Joseph, Missouri that is made up... Learn more

  • Hayley_Besheer_LG

    Hayley Besheer Santell

    Founder & CEO, MADI Apparel

    Hayley is the founder and CEO of MADI Apparel - Make a Difference Intimate Apparel,... Learn more

  • CamGee-LG

    Cameron Gee


    Based in the Crossroads Arts District in KC, photographer Cameron Gee explores his craft... Learn more

  • Zhou-Long-Profile

    Zhou Long

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Music Composer

    Dr. Zhou is a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, internationally recognized for creating a... Learn more

  • Victory-Penny-Profile

    Victor & Penny

    Antique Pop Duo

    Victor & Penny hail from Kansas City, Missouri, America’s roaring 1920s “Paris of the... Learn more

  • Tyron-Aiken-Profile

    Tyrone Aiken

    Chief Artistic Officer, KC Friends of Alvin Ailey

    Established in 1984, Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey is the official second home... Learn more

  • Teri-Rogers-Profile

    Teri Rogers

    Former Entrepreneur and Owner, hint Studios

    Teri Rogers was the owner and CEO of Hint, an award-winning DEG creative content... Learn more

  • STRECH-Profile


    Artist & Entrepreneur

    STRETCH is a sculptor, artist, visionary, restaurateur, entrepreneur and television personality... Learn more

  • Shaul-Jones-Profile

    Shaul Jolles

    Entrepreneur & Real Estate Developer

    With a personal desire and eye for design and innovation, Shaul has focused his... Learn more

  • Shane-Evans-Profile

    Shane W. Evans


    Shane W. Evans, the 2012 Coretta Scott King Winner and 2011 NAACP Image... Learn more

  • Ryan-Maybee-Profile

    Ryan Maybee

    Restaurateur and Bartender

    Ryan Maybee is a restaurateur with expertise in the fields of wine, spirits and... Learn more

  • Ron-McGee-Profile

    Ron Megee

    Playwright/Producer/ Director/Actor

    Ron Megee is a playwright, actor, director and theatrical visionary. He has... Learn more

  • Rachael-Hack-Profile

    Rachel Hack Merlo

    Google Community Manager

    Rachel Hack Merlo serves as a liaison between the many organizations and leaders in Kansas... Learn more

  • Peregrine-Honig-Profile

    Peregrine Honig

    Artist & Owner of Birdies

    Peregrine Honig found her way to Kansas City, Missouri, at the age of... Learn more

  • Peggy-Noland-Profile

    Peggy Noland

    Fashion Designer

    Peggy Noland is a fashion designer based out of Kansas City. Peggy is not... Learn more

  • Nick-Jenkins-Profile

    Nick Jenkins


    Inside the industrial-chic FLOCK - Salon and Gallery is Kansas City stylist Nick Jenkins,... Learn more

  • Mike-Farmer-Profile

    Mike Farmer

    Entrepreneur and Founder

    Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Mike has co-founded four new ventures, raised more than... Learn more

  • Michael-Smith-Profile

    Michael Smith


    Michael Smith’s degree from the University of Southern Colorado may have been in psychology, but the culinary... Learn more

  • Michael-Ong-Profile

    Michael Ong

    Multimedia Art Director, Hallmark

    Originally a native Malaysian, Michael Ong began his career as a motion designer,... Learn more

  • Mark-Westervelt-Profile

    Mark Westervelt


    Mark Westervelt is a painter and native of Kansas City, Missouri. He specializes... Learn more

  • Laura-McKnight-Profile

    Laura McKnight

    Entrepreneur & Author

    Laura is the founder of a media and research firm, launched in 2010.... Learn more

  • Laura-Jones-Profile

    Laura Jones Wallner

    Principal Dancer, Quixotic Fusion

    Laura started dancing at the age of six. She trained at the North Carolina... Learn more

  • Jim-Leedy-Profile

    Jim Leedy

    Artist and Visionary

    Jim Leedy has been a dynamic force in the international art world and a catalyst... Learn more

  • Ian-Byrne-Profile

    Ian Byrne

    Musician & Woodworker

    Ian Byrne is the lead singer of The Elders. He was born in County... Learn more

  • Howard-Hanna-Profile

    Howard Hanna

    Chef/Owner, The Rieger and Ça Va

    Howard began working in restaurants while in high school in Manhattan, Kansas. He... Learn more

  • Spencer-Schubert-Profile

    E. Spencer Schubert


    E. Spencer Schubert is sculptor who lives in Kansas City, Missouri and works... Learn more

  • Chet-Duvenci-Profile

    Chet Duvenci

    Tattoo Artist, Mercy Seat Tattoo

    Chet Duvenci is a tattoo artist and owner of The Mercy Seat, a tattoo... Learn more

  • Chase-McAnulty-Profile

    Chase McAnulty

    Clothing Designer & Entrepreneur

    Chase is the founder and CEO of the Kansas City-based vintage T-shirt brand Charlie Hustle... Learn more

  • Celina-Tio-Profile

    Celina Tio

    Chef/Owner of The Belfry

    Chef Celina Tio has proudly called KC her home since joining The American Restaurant in... Learn more

  • Bob-Berkebile-Profile

    Bob Berkebile


    Any list of accomplished, influential environmentalists and preservationists includes Bob Berkebile. Highly regarded... Learn more

  • Augie-Grasis-Profile

    Augie Grasis


    Named the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award winner in the Central... Learn more

  • Arlen-Wickstrum-Profile

    Arlen Wickstrum

    Stylist, Owner of FLOCK - Salon and Gallery

    Arlen Wickstrum is owner and creative director of FLOCK - Salon and Gallery. He... Learn more

  • Anthony-Magliano-Profile

    Anthony Magliano

    Musician, Composer & Designer

    As a musician, composer and an acclaimed graphic and motion designer, Anthony has... Learn more

  • Brooke-Salvaggio-Profile

    Brooke Salvaggio

    Co-Founder, URBAVORE Urban Farm

    Brooke Salvaggio is an organic farmer and food activist in Kansas City, Mo.... Learn more

  • Hermon-Mehari-Profile

    Hermon Mehari

    Trumpeter & Composer

    Hermon received his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City... Learn more

  • Patrick-Ryan-Profile

    Patrick Ryan

    Chef and Owner, Port Fonda

    As executive chef/owner of Port Fonda, Patrick Ryan is at the forefront of the... Learn more

  • Kevin-McGinnis-Profile

    Kevin McGinnis


    Kevin McGinnis is a leading force for the Keystone Innovation District,  a major civic initiative... Learn more

  • Chris-Elbow-Profile

    Christopher Elbow

    Chocolatier and Pastry Chef

    Christopher Elbow’s Artisan Chocolates have been featured across the nation, from magazines like Oprah... Learn more

  • Nicole-Emanuel-Profile

    Nicole Emanuel

    Founder & CEO, InterUrban ArtHouse

    A painter, mother of two, writer and ”creative placemaker,” Nicole Emanuel began... Learn more

  • Neal-Sharma-Profile

    Neal Sharma

    CEO & Principal, DEG

    As DEG’s strategic leader, Neal is focused on enabling businesses and organizations to identify... Learn more

  • Tom-Corbin-Profile

    Tom Corbin


    Tom Corbin’s sculpture work appears in 22 showrooms and galleries internationally. Individual collectors include... Learn more

  • Bill-Zahner-Profile

    Bill Zahner

    CEO/President of A. Zahner Company

    L. William Zahner (Bill) and his firm have received numerous honors and awards for their... Learn more

  • Jay-Tomlinson-Profile

    Jay Tomlinson

    Principal, Helix Architecture + Design, Inc

    Jay is a founder of Kansas City-based Helix Architecture + Design. His work with... Learn more

  • Sean-Malto-Profile

    Sean Malto

    Professional Skateboarder

    Kansas City native Sean Malto is a world class professional skateboarder. At the age... Learn more

  • Alicia_Solombrinofull

    Alicia Solo


    Alicia Solo is an energetic singer/songwriter known for her in-you-face stage presence. Recently going... Learn more

  • Davyeon-Ross-Profile

    Davyeon Ross

    Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of ShotTracker

    A native of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, Davyeon Ross co-founded ShotTracker,... Learn more

  • Jeff Harshberger

    Jeff Harshbarger

    Musician & Composer

    Jeff Harshbarger is a full-time jazz musician and prolific composer who has recorded and performed... Learn more

  • ButchRigby-FULL

    Butch Rigby

    Owner, Screenland Theatres

    Butch Rigby is the founder and owner of the Screenland Theatres circuit of movie theatres... Learn more

  • DannyONeill-FULL1

    Danny O’Neill

    Founder and Bean Baron, The Roasterie

    Danny O’Neill is the “Bean Baron” of The Roasterie, inc., a specialty... Learn more

  • Beth_Nybeck-full

    Beth Nybeck

    Metal Sculpture Artist

    Visionary, artist and sculptor are just a few ways to describe Beth Nybeck,... Learn more



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