Voices of KC

There is a “livability crisis” that is pushing population growth, innovation and corporate location into the center of the U.S. The KC region is perfectly positioned as a top destination for the next wave of U.S. growth.

We are taking a hard look at KC’s reputation, image and personality in the hearts and minds of the rest of the world. How can we best reflect our people, businesses and neighborhoods?

We must start by listening.

We are collecting ideas from our community about what you love most about living and working in the KC region. Here are some questions to consider in your response:

  • What do you tell people outside of KC about what it’s like to live, work or run a business here?
  • If you moved to KC from somewhere else, what drew you here?
  • What negative images does KC still need to overcome?
  • What are KC’s greatest strengths?

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