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  • We're taking Chute to Techweek New York!

    by Kaitlin Motley | Oct 09, 2015
    During Techweek New York, we'll officially unveil Chute to job-seekers across the nation.
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  • Uber and KCMO Must Find a Mutually Beneficial Outcome

    by Kaitlin Motley | Apr 08, 2015
    KCnext encourages Uber and the City of Kansas City, Missouri to continue negotiating toward a mutually beneficial agreement.
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  • KCADC Kicks Off NYC Media Event Tomorrow

    by User Not Found | Jun 27, 2014
    Hearken back to the Prohibition era when KC political leader “Boss” Tom Pendergast engineered an alcohol irrigation system that established Kansas City as a nightlife capital in the 1920s and 30s. The culture in Kansas City at that time made it a popular destination for musicians, artists, and more than its fair share of criminals.
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