Working Spaces

DESIGN passionately blended with current TRENDS that uniquely incorporate practical solutions for a harmonious WORKING SPACE.

We are pleased to announce that Working Spaces was chosen as the 2016 Premier Kimball Partner of the year! This prestigious award represents the dedication and drive we have as a workspace consultant to provide high-quality, value driven office solutions. Proactively researching current trends and truly understanding the culture and needs of our clients has positioned us to create long standing partnerships in Kansas City, St. Louis and the surrounding markets.

Kimball Office is a company of makers that has the skills to change with the cultural climate of our clients. Technology forward thinking drives Kimball to create relevant product solutions that anticipate changes in how people work staying ahead of the ever changing workplace.

In addition to workplace consultation, we provide contract furniture procurement, workplace branding, space planning, project management, and architectural products. We work with a team of vendors to provide a well-rounded portfolio of products to meet our clients’ needs. Our service extends to clients in all markets including commercial office spaces, medical, education, dining and unique environments.

Our lead architectural product is MAARS Living Walls. MAARS combines years of experience by effortlessly merging special innovation, aesthetics and performance with the vision to become the provider of interior wall solutions around the world. In addition to demountable walls, we can offer sound masking, sound absorption, decorative details including artwork and accessories.

Let’s create together and harmonize your Working Space actively engaging your employees, increasing productivity while effortlessly marketing to your clients. 


Represented By:

Antoine Dulan


Contact Information:

215 E 18th Street, Suite 11
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 234-8778

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