MWI Animal Health

MWI Animal Health is the cornerstone business of the AmerisourceBergen Animal Health collection of companies. As the U.S. distribution business for the Animal Health division, MWI sources and distributes pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and supplies for both the companion animal and livestock markets.

The name MWI comes from the initials of Millard Wallace Ickes, a DVM and accomplished equestrian, affectionately known as Doc. In the mid-1970s, he recognized - based on a decade of running his mixed animal veterinary hospital in Idaho - that veterinarians in the northwest region were simply too isolated from manufacturers to receive quality service and too small to qualify for large discounted purchases. He converted cages in the back of his veterinary clinic into storage units, and a distribution company was born.

The MWI business we know today operates in the same way Doc’s did. MWI recognizes challenges in the animal health industry and develops practical solutions to remedy them. While much has changed since those early days, MWI remains deeply proud of Doc’s principles, values, and vision, and uses them as the foundation for its future.


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