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Whether you need legal counsel to structure your business or organization; to make sure it is compliant with industry or government regulations; or to protect it in litigation situations, Polsinelli PC has the broad range of experience and depth of attorneys to help you meet your legal objectives.

The firm has more than 480 attorneys in 13 cities stretching from Washington, D.C. to Phoenix, including offices in New York, Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and our headquarters in Kansas City. With more than 50 practice groups comprising our three major departments - Business, Financial Services/Real Estate and Trial - we have attorneys with the background and experience to help our clients with the challenges that require legal perspective and counsel at every stage of their organization's life cycle.

Our legal services have been integral to the successful foundation and growth of businesses ranging from entrepreneurial start ups to multinational conglomerates. We have provided counsel in prosperous times and times of crisis to financial institutions whether they are community banks or national investment banks. We have been a catalyst to commercial real estate development in all 50 states and help with construction development and litigation. In the fields of science and health care we support hospitals, physician practices and life sciences organizations. We are just as passionate about helping our nonprofit clients achieve their mission.

Our legal experience is as broad and far reaching as our geographical footprint.



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