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Founded in 1950, the Heavy Constructors Association of the Greater Kansas City Area (HCA) has been in the forefront of public works in transportation and utilities for almost 50 years. Chartered by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) since 1967, the HCA represents over 150 companies in the construction industry, from general contractors to equipment suppliers, material suppliers, banks, law firms, and accounting firms.

Membership representation has resulted in the Heavy Constructors Association being in the forefront in labor relations with area trade unions, and in governmental relations at the city, county, state and federal levels, of both Kansas and Missouri. The HCA has been a voice for maintenance and improvement of our public infrastructure of roads, bridges, airports, and clean water/waste water/storm water transmission systems, as keys to the area's high quality of life. The HCA has been actively involved in such important issues as the six-year federal transportation act TEA-21, the bi-state tax for Union Station, the sales tax for repair of the Liberty Memorial, 1998 statewide initiative for Clean Water Bonds, new Kansas City, Missouri, storm water runoff fees, and transportation funding legislation in both Kansas and Missouri.

Member companies are proud to have constructed much of the city's infrastructure including the interstate system, KCI Airport, the Bruce Watkins Drive (currently under construction). HCA member participation in the construction of many other noteworthy projects in the metropolitan area have helped to make Kansas City a world class community. The HCA and its memeber companies truly exemplify the motto of "Heavy Constructors... Making it better."
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