We are Hint and we build stories worth sharing.

The world is full of ordinary stories. But hidden inside every ordinary story is something extraordinary, the essence that gives a story it’s heart. At Hint, we believe true creativity is finding that core, pulling it out, and telling that story. It’s not easy but it’s completely worthwhile because those are the stories that no one saw coming. That’s how you build stories worth sharing.

To find a story’s heart, we first work to uncover who the story is meant to move, what motivates them to think or act, what fears they have, and what dreams they chase. Then we take that human insight and use it to inform a creative process that breathes life into the story and expands on the heart, designing imaginative content and immersive experiences.

Here’s what we do:

Content Creation
Video as a narrative tool. We start our story-building with insight into human behavior, use that insight to inform our creative process, then tap 25 years of video production and motion design experience to distinctly craft each story on time, in scope, and on budget.

Digital Development
Web and App design and development. In this space, we craft story as user experience, both in how we use digital environments today as well as how we’ll use them tomorrow. 

Experience Design
Story in a physical space. As humans, we seek experiences because they are immersive and/or interactive. At Hint, we design experiences that bring stories out to meet audiences in unexpected places.

Original Programming & Branded Entertainment
Long-form video narratives. As the on-demand TV culture proliferates and people thirst for more authentic entertainment, we collaborate to build emotionally connective stories through your brand or product character as well as reality TV and docu-series programming. 


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