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Kansas City has the largest concentration of the animal health industry in the world:

-- 125+ companies involved in the industry

-- 32% of the total global sales

-- 37 Global or U.S. HQ of industry companies

-- 4 of the 10 largest global animal health companies

-- 1 of the 5 largest global pet food companies

-- 13,000 trained employees

-- Brakke Consulting, 2006

For more information, visit the KC Animal Health Corridor Web Site.

KC Careers

Biotechnology in KC –
Life Sciences and Animal Health

There are 200 biotech companies in the Kansas City area employing more than 20,000 people.

In recent years, KC has developed specific areas of expertise within the broader biotech industry:

  • Animal health
  • Health care information
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Comparative medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Neurology

Growing Research Base:

  • Biotech research spending has more than doubled in KC since the year 2000.
  • There are 12 new research facilities under construction throughout the Kansas City region. 
  • Public and private research spending exceeds $1.8 billion.

Made in KC

  • M&M Candy Coating  - MRIGlobal
  • Drip coffee technology – MRIGlobal
  • Advantage Flea and Tick products – Bayer Animal Health

Key Research Organizations

Professional Organizations


Advanced Degrees and Certifications
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences
Kansas State University
Anatomy and Physiology
Animal Sciences and Industry
Clinical Sciences
Food Safety and Security (Grad. Cert.)
Kansas State University-Olathe
Agribusiness/Animal Health
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Food Science
Horticulture/Urban Food Systems
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
MidAmerican Nazarene University
Registered Nurse-Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Park University
Healthcare Leadership
Rockhurst University
Healthcare Leadership
University of Kansas
Anatomy and Cell Biology (MA, PhD)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MS, PhD)Clinical Research (MS)
Health Policy and Management (MHSA)
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Medicine (MD)
Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and
Immunology (MA, PhD)
Molecular and Integrative Physiology (MS, PhD)
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (MA, PhD)
Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics (MA, MS, PhD)
Public Health (MPH) Joint Programs:
Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy (MD/PhD)
Medicinal Chemistry (MS, PhD)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MS, PhD)
Pharmacology and Toxicology (MS, PhD)
Genetics (MA, PhD)
KU Medical Center
Continuing Education
University of Missouri-Columbia
Animal Sciences (MS, PhD)
Biochemistry (MS, PhD)
Biomedical Sciences (MS, PhD)
Biological Engineering (MS, PhD)
Biological Sciences (MA,PhD)
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences
Chemistry (MS, PhD)
Genetics Area Program (PhD)
Neuroscience (MS, PhD)
Pharmacology & Physiology (MS, PhD)
Veterinary Medicine
Biomedical Sciences
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Veterinary Pathobiology
Comparative Medicine
Physiology Area Program (PhD)
Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
University of Missouri – Kansas City
Biology (MA)
Cell Biology and Biophysics (PhD)
Cellular and Molecular Biology (MS)
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (PhD)
Chemistry (MS, PhD)
Computer Science and Informatics (PhD)
Medicine (MD)
Pharmaceutical Science (MS, PhD)
Pharmacology (PhD)
Pharmacy (PharmD)
Physics (MS, PhD)
Vatterott College
Brainbench: Anatomy and Physiology
Brainbench: CPR/BLS Core Knowledge
Brainbench: Medical Terminology
Brainbench: Nursing Assistance

MBA programs are offered at most colleges in the KC area. Visit Higher Education for a list of schools.

Select Bioscience Employers
Firm Name
Office Type
Aetna Rx Home Delivery
Pharmaceutical Distribution Center
Attn: HR Dept., Aetna RX Home Delivery, 10991 NW Airworld Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153
Aptuit, Inc.
Corporate Office
Bayer HealthCare, Animal Health Division
North American Headquarters
Bayer CropScience
Core Technologies Center
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
Cerner Corporation
World Headquarters
Clinical Reference Laboratory
Headquarters, Distribution Center
CVS CareMark Rx customer Service Center, Specialty Pharmacy, Sales Office
DeLaval, Inc.
Product Dealership
Del Monte Pet Products
Processing Plant
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc
World Headquarters
Intervet, Inc.
Regional Administrative & Manufacturing  Office, R & D Center
Labconco Corp.
National Headquarters
Nestle Purina PetCare
Product & Technology Center
Data Center & customer Service Center
PRA International
Regional Office
Quest Diagnostics
LabOne Headquarters
Corporate Office
Remel, Inc.
Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Industrial Affairs Office, Distribution Center
Teva Neuroscience
North American Headquarters


Life sciences, and in particular, animal health, have a long history in KC.
In 1863, Bayer HealthCare AG was established and the bioscience industry in Kansas City was born.  Bayer began developing animal health products as early as 1919 with the introduction of Neguvon, a product to combat mange in animals.  In 1923, Bayer released Naganol, the first veterinary product specifically produced to protect animals against blood parasites.  Since then, Bayer has released a number of animal health products and vaccinations.   

Meanwhile, MRIGlobal was founded in 1944 in an attempt to bolster the Midwest economy.  MRIGlobal’s first project emphasized chemistry and drew from Kansas City’s agricultural roots.  Major breakthroughs were made in the 1950s.  Chemists introduced soluble coffee for J.A. Foldger & Co., and perfected the M&Ms chocolate candy coating process. 

Bioscience kept growing in Kansas City, and more breakthroughs were made.  More companies and research organizations established themselves in the KC region between the 1960s and today including Cerner, IVX Animal Health, Quintiles and the Stower’s Institute for Medical Research. 

In 2004, Kathleen Sebelius signed the Kansas Economic Growth act which committed the state to the advancement of the bioscience industry.  More than $500 million will be invested in the next decade to ensure the progress of bioscience.

  • Livestock economy began in St. Joseph, Mo. in 1846.
  • In 1871 the Kansas City stockyards opened their gates.
  • Concentration of millions of livestock created demand for other agricultural and veterinary products.
  • Veterinary medicine at the University of Missouri began in 1884.
  • In 1886 Kansas State University offers its first animal health courses.
  • First animal pharmaceutical company opened in 1921- Haver-Glover
  • MRIGlobal opens in 1944 with a focus on agricultural  science.


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